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The fast, easy to use & typescript ready web framework for Node.js

Inspired by Express & Fastify

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An efficient server implies a lower cost of the infrastructure, a better responsiveness under load and happy users. How can you efficiently handle the resources of your server, knowing that you are serving the highest number of requests as possible, without sacrificing security validations and handy development?

Enter Foxify. Foxify is a web framework highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful plugin architecture. It is inspired by Fastify and Express and as far as we know, it is one of the fastest web frameworks in town.

Table of Contents

Getting Started


  • Node.js 8.12 or higher is required.


npm i -s foxify


const Foxify = require('foxify');

let app = new Foxify();

app.get('/', (req, res) => {
    res.json({hello: 'world'});

// create an error
app.get('/error', (req, res) => {
    throw new Error('I Failed :(');

// create an http error
app.get('/404', (req, res) => {
    throw new HttpException('Not Found', 404);


More detailed sample is available.

You can also find all the documents here.


  • Written in ES6
  • Robust routing (about 60% faster than Express, almost as fast as Fastify)
  • Express middleware support
  • Robust database modeling (Odin)
  • Simple and powerful error handling
  • Focus on high performance
  • HTTP helpers (redirection, etc)
  • View system supporting lots of template engines
  • Content negotiation
  • Executable for generating applications quickly
  • Error handling


Machine: Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit, Intel Core i7 (8 cores), 8GiB (DDR4)

Method: autocannon -c 100 -d 40 -p 10 localhost:3000 * 2, taking the second average

sort: Request / Second

Framework Version R/S
Foxify 0.10.7 27,716.8
fastify 1.13.0 26,654.4
bare 10.13.0 22,366.4
hapi 17.7.0 19,662.41
express 4.16.4 17,468
restify 7.2.2 14,660

More detailed benchmarks available here


  • Routing
  • Middleware support
  • Error handling
  • View engine
  • Options & Settings
  • Database Model (Odin)
  • Clustering
  • File storage
  • Job schedule
  • Logging


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


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